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Your Complete Success Makeover

Snoop around… make some mystery calls. You'll quickly realize that many dentists do braces. Some even specialize in it.

That's not what I do. I'm not happy with that. You deserve more. My patients demanded more… so I stepped up to the plate, accepted their challenge and created something revolutionary in the dental industry.

It truly is the kind of process that
can skyrocket your self-esteem,
boost your position in life,
spark social relationships and
make you a lot more money.

What You'll Experience

Yes, you get a new, straighter smile that causes heads to turn and makes double takes a frequent occurrence for you. You'll also start to see yourself in a whole new light. You'll have more spring in your step, you'll carry yourself a little bit more erect with a certain air of confidence about you that people notice and respond to favorably without even realizing it.

The opposite sex finds you more interesting...

... for some reason and you begin to be more social in general. You quickly become more in command over your destiny and the results you generate. And it doesn't stop there… Oh no.

And That's Just The Beginning...

At work and in your professional career similar things start to happen.

The right people start to notice your new confidence, beauty and maybe even your smile.

But even if you tell them its only your smile that has changed… they won't believe you. They know there's "something" more… something they can't put their finger on.

That "something" is what I give my clients that no one else can. Harness the X factor, the IT factor…whatever you want to call it.

I call it my "Transformation Consultation."

How Would You Like To Have A Perfect Smile
That Transforms Your Life?

The first step is my 100% free, no obligation "Transformation Consultation." It's fast, simple, fun and easy...and it's my gift to you.

I’d like to give you another gift. If you decide that having a celebrity smile and straightening your teeth is the way you want to go, I’ll go the extra mile for you!

As you probably know, the process of straightening teeth starts with gathering records (models, x-rays and photographs). Most doctors charge for taking these records and analyzing them at a cost of $450.

As part of my gift to you, if you decide to go ahead with treatment, I will include this procedure AT NO CHARGE

And….one more bonus…When you’ve completed your smile transformation, I’d like to top it off by offering you the magnificent ZOOM whitening system for you to take home, once again…AT NO CHARGE

So ahead and request your free "Transformation Consultation" and secure your free "Complete Success Makeover" now. It's simple...just enter your personal information below and a member of my staff will call you up to schedule.

For your convenience I have two office locations:

New Jersey

Long Hill Medical Dental Center
9 Post Road
Oakland, NJ 07436


Office Phone:
(877) 337-6135


236 E. 36 Street
NY, NY 10016


Office Phone:
(877) 337-6135

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"For years, I was embarrassed by my smile. Whenever I laughed, I would unconsciously cover my face with my hand to hide my teeth. But ever since I found Dr. Lagstein my life has been different. I love my smile!! I feel good about myself !! My family says I look younger!! Thanks Dr Lagstein and your great staff for changing my life!!”

~Mary R.

"You have made one of my biggest dreams in life come true…now I can smile with confidence! I feel like I can tackle my problems and issues in life with great strength."


“When I first started my job I was afraid to talk to my clients and the staff because I was embarrassed about my smile and my mouth. My teeth were all crooked and I had a wide open bite. Thanks to Dr. Lagstein in less than a year he made my smile beautiful. I never liked the dentist. I always thought of them as the bad guys. But this place is different. The entire process was pain-free, user friendly and wonderful. I just love it here!"


"Now I am ready to smile on my wedding day and feel confident!"


"I look like a different person! For the first time in my life, my smile looks like a $1,000,000. I think I'll call Crest® to see if they need mouth models!"


"I have never been through a procedure easier or more comfortable…"